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We promote the future

We are the Italian National Promotional Institution supporting the country’s economy since 1850

Our mission is to promote the development of the Italian economic-industrial system; we finance activities to support national growth through postal savings products under state guarantee and the issuance of bonds

We work with more than 10 thousand public entities and 26 million savers.
Over 110 thousand companies and 11 thousand households have benefited from our programmes to support the economy 


€160 billion will be invested to stimulate the country’s main growth areas

Sace: 5 million euros for Made-in-Italy Aviation
Cdp Group supports the research and development of Macaer Aviation, producer of landing gear and cabins for helicopters and jets
Cdp In Task Force That Convenes in Brussels to Remedy Social-Infrastructure Financing Gap
The group of experts convened for the first time to resolve financing shortfalls in social infrastructure
Sace: Guarantees San Daniele Prosciutto Loan
Cdp Group closes the first operation in support strong foreign growth for Italian meats sector
Simest: Funds Foreign Growth for 30 Italian Businesses in January
The Cdp Group company invested 11 million euros with deals in 16 countries