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we promote the future


We are the National Promotional Institution and have been supporting Italy’s growth since 1850

We are building a better future for Italy by supporting economic development and investing in competitiveness

Moody's on CDP: the future of Italy goes from here
The rating agency lauds Business Plan results. CDP Group represents "excellence among the National Promotional Institutes in Europe"
CDP for Infrastructure Development: New Italy-France Electrical Interconnection
An investment of €113 million under the Juncker Plan to reduce energy costs for Italian businesses by increasing the stability and security of the national power grid
CDP presents "Fidelio": Music as Educational Behind Bars
A project for the re-education and reintegration of prisoners at the Rebibbia Circondary House. The initiative, in collaboration with the Santa Cecilia Academy, will also open to young people in Casal del Marmo
Urban Transformation: the new “Sani Barracks” brought to you by CDP
The winning project for the renovation of the Bologna complex put to tender by CDP Investimenti SGR was presented. Green space and new housing solutions