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Offers a wide range of insurance and financial products to support exports and international expansion



With Sace, Italian enterprises can:

  • offer foreign customers deferred payment or competitive financing
  • insure against insolvency risk and monetise their receivables  
  • access financing for investments in innovation and international expansion
  • protect foreign investments from political risks
  • obtain the guarantees required to participate in tenders and win contracts around the world
  • encounter new markets and Italian and foreign customers.

With more than €80 billion of insured transactions in 198 countries, SACE supports the competitiveness of 25,000 companies in Italy and abroad, transforming risks into development opportunities. 

Sace in figures

  • €81

     billion in insured transactions in 198 countries
  • 25.000

  • €560

    million Gross premiums 
  • €310

    million Net income  
  • €285

    million Claims paid 
  • €3.541

    million Equity
  • €2.885

    million Technical provisions 
  • 723

  • Rating

    Fitch rating A- with stable outlook (24 February 2016)