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Italy that invests in Italy

In 2015 we mobilised €30 billion

In 2015, as a Group, we mobilised and managed €30 billion in new lending, supporting enterprises (€22 billion), public and local entities (€6 billion) and infrastructure (€2 billion)


€22 billion

Supporting enterprises

€6 billion

Public and local entities

€2 billion


We use these resources to promote:

  • business initiatives designed to generate value for the communities where we operate
  • the development of the territory and strategic infrastructure
  • the growth and international expansion of Italian enterprises
  • extraordinary transactions
Available Resources
Available Resources
Our resources
Our resources

The total funding of Cdp Spa updated to 2015 is €323 billion,
€252 billion of which derives from postal funding

How we invest
How we invest

Our aim is to act in the general economic interest,
ensuring financial solidity, increasing
company value and shareholder remuneration