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Italian savings for a sustainable development of the Country


About Us
About Us
We are the National Promotional Institution and have been supporting Italy’s growth since 1850
What we do
What we do

We are building a better future for Italy by supporting economic development and investing in competitiveness

Bilancio a 4 Ruote: the automotive changes gear
The report produced by CDP and SACE SIMEST to investigate the changes and growth prospects of a key sector for the Italian economy, was presented to the Italian Stock Exchange
Hotels and Chains: tourism structured with CDP
The sixth edition of the study by Horwath was presented: the Italian hotel sector is growing and CDP is one of the main promoters of change
Inaugurazione nuova Tramvia Firenze
The new Florence tramway has opened, reducing travel time from Piazza dell'Unità to Vespucci Airport to only 22 minutes. CDP contributed to the construction work with funding amounting to 136 million euros
L'Ex Manifattura Tabacchi di Piacenza
Reclamation project presentation, promoted by CDP Investimenti: 260 social housing units, green areas and public spaces to support the city's welfare and contribute to the area's improvement