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Italian savings for a sustainable development of the Country




About Us
About Us
We are the National Promotional Institution and have been supporting Italy’s growth since 1850
What we do
What we do

We are building a better future for Italy by supporting economic development and investing in competitiveness

Smart Housing: evolutions and trends in a new CDP Report
The Report analysing the changes in housing demand in Italy is now online. It identifies development prospects and innovative solutions for a real estate market increasingly aimed at new targets  
Saipem: nuovi contratti in Arabia Saudita
The CDP Equity affiliate has won two EPIC contracts valued at 1.3 billion dollars to work on the development of offshore fields in Berri and Marjan
The news social housing project of Orbassano
70 apartments and a particular focus on people with mobility impairment are at the heart of the project currently being implemented in Turin by CDP Investimenti SGR, a CDP Group company
The hotel industry: challenges and growth prospects
The new CDP Notebook is online, dedicated to a key sector for the Italian economy: find out more on the dedicated page.