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we promote the future


About Us
About Us
We are the National Promotional Institution and have been supporting Italy’s growth since 1850
What we do
What we do

We are building a better future for Italy by supporting economic development and investing in competitiveness

CDP Group: approved the consolidated results for the first half of 2018
13 billion of new lending to support the economy. Positive economic performance and sound capital base confirmed
Ansaldo Energia and Leonardo: a cyber security partnership
Subsidiary company CDP Equity has signed an agreement with the Aerospace, Defence and Security sector global leader to guarantee the protection of its production facilities and to contribute to the development of new initiatives in the field of innovation and Industry 4.0
Connecting Europe Broadband Fund: CDP for ultra-wide broadband
Presenting a joint initiative with the European Commission, the EIB, the CdC and KfW to support the development of ultra broadband infrastructure in Europe
The CDP Hub on the Silk Road: new Shanghai office
SACE and SIMEST open the tenth international headquarters, strengthening its presence in eastern countries and confirming support for Italian companies growth abroad