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CDP Group

We are the National Promotional Institution. Developing the Italian economy is our goal.

We finance public investments, support international cooperation and we are the catalyst for the country’s infrastructure growth.

We support Italian enterprises, helping them innovate and grow, while supporting their exports, and international expansion and cooperation.

As the primary operator in social and affordable housing, we contribute to the growth of the Italian real estate sector.

A united team, which thanks to the commitment of all the Group companies and its managers, works hard every day to achieve the ambitious objectives of our business plan.

Alessandro Decio
CEO Sace
Alessandra Ricci
Marco Sangiorgio
GM CDP Investimenti
Fabrizio Palermo
Salvatore Sardo
CEO CDP Immobiliare
Pierpaolo Di Stefano
CEO CDP Equity

In synergy with Group companies, we support Italian industrial policies through traditional debt instruments such as loans and loan guarantees. Our support extends to more advanced instruments like risk sharing platforms to facilitate credit access for SMEs and equity instruments for direct and indirect investments.