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Manages equity investments, liquidation processes and the disputes of companies subject to control, and also performs other activities allocated by specific legislation


Fintecna was formed in 1993 for the specific purpose of restructuring recoverable businesses connected with the liquidation of Iritecna, preparing the way for its privatisation.

The positive results achieved in its initial years of operation led the then shareholder IRI to expand the scope of activities assigned to Fintecna by giving it the mandate for the coordination, management and control of all liquidation, restructuring and disposal processes relating to the IRI Group. With effect from 1 December 2002, Fintecna absorbed IRI, which was in liquidation, and its residual assets.

On 9 November 2012, CDP acquired the entire share capital of Fintecna from MEF.

The company and its special purpose entities are currently involved in the following main areas of activities:

  • management of equity investments
  • the "specialised" management of complex liquidation processes
  • comprehensive management of significant litigation
  • other activities in accordance with specific legislation

Currently, Fintecna’s main equity investment consists of the controlling stake (71.64%) in Fincantieri S.p.A.


Fintecna in figures (2018)

  • €26

    million Net profit
  • €1.141

    million Net financial position
  • €1.277

    million Invested capital
  • €1.810

    million Equity
  • €608

    million Provisions
  • 112