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SIMEST supports Italian companies in their growth over the entire internationalization lifecycle, through Soft Loans for internationalization, Equity Investments and Export Credit Support. Together with SACE is part of the Italian export and internationalization hub of the CDP Group



Equity Investments:

SIMEST acquires up to 49% of the share capital of foreign firms. The acquisition takes place:

  • through direct investment
  • by managing a governative Venture Capital Fund (non-EU countries)

Soft Loans for internationalization for:

  • Feasibility Studies and Technical Assistance Programmes related to foreign investments (non –EU countries)
  • Programmes for entering non-EU markets
  • Capitalization of exporting SMEs
  • Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions (non-EU countries)

Export Credit Support:

Interest rate support on financing granted by banks, allowing Italian exporters to offer foreign buyers/customers payment deferrals on medium/long-term orders.


Simest in figures (2018)

  • € 9.697 mln

    New lendings, investments and managed resources
  • € 233 mln

    New equity investments and interest rate subsidies granted to Italian investors
  • € 248 mln

      Soft Loans for internationalization
  • € 9.216 mln

    of trasnsaction for Support for exports and international expansion