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Cassa depositi e prestiti was founded in Turin in 1850
to receive deposits in its capacity as a “place of public trust”

A Royal Decree authorised Cassa piemontese to grant loans to local authorities


“La Società nazionale italiana” (Italian National Company) is established in Turin to promote unification built around the House of Savoy

Cassa piemontese takes over the Kingdom’s other “casse” and transfers headquarters first to Florence, then Rome

The direct train line between Rome and Naples opens 

Postal savings passbooks are introduced


Cassa is transformed into a Directorate General of the Italian Treasury

Guglielmo Marconi patents the radio

Postal savings bonds are created

Old Style” postal bond Lire 100 - issued 1 March 1925 - 30 April 1927

Restructuring of Cassa depositi e prestiti, ceasing to be a Directorate General of the Treasury


Begins the process of autonomy and separation from the state public administration

CDP is transformed into a joint-stock company (“S.p.A.”) under Decree Law 269/2003 and Finance Minister Decree of 5 December 2003

First draft of the European Constitution is signed on 10 July 2003

CDP’s scope of operations is expanded to include the direct financing of public interest projects, export finance, social housing and support for SMEs (Decree Law 185/2008)

The world’s first reinforced-cement offshore structure to receive, store and regasify liquefied natural gas is inaugurated in Porto Viro (Rovigo Province)

The CDP Group is created, working to support the growth of the country


Metroweb extends its fibre-optic network throughout the city of Milan, connected homes, offices and services

The Italian Parliament and the European Union assigns CDP the status of National Promotion Institution


Milan hosts the World Expo 2015: CDP Official Partner for Italy's International Growth

The time horizon of CDP’s business plan is extended from 3 to 5 years


Juncker Plan initiatives start, an investment plan of the European Commission to boost economic growth in Europe

CDP launches the Business Plan #CDP2021 from Italy to Italy


Italian savings for a sustainable development of the Country