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Until 1983

Until 1983

CDP was for all intents and purposes a general department of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance (MEF) and recruitment was through entrance examinations.

The examinations were called and conducted by the MEF itself, which set eligibility criteria to participate for the different employment grades (auxiliary, operational, conceptual, management) in which civil servants were classified at the time.

People recruited through the examinations were then assigned to different general departments on the basis of quotas, depending on their academic qualification (primary schooling, ordinary secondary level, advanced secondary level, graduate).

Civil servants were trained on the job, mentored by a more experienced senior colleague in the office, and were assigned tasks and duties of growing responsibility on the basis of performance assessments made by the senior manager.

Management personnel would then continue their training at the Public Administration School, involving a semester-long course of study in law and economics with the final evaluation of a course thesis written by the student.