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Our commitment to Italy

2016-2020 Business plan

2016-2020 Business Plan

€160 billions will be invested
to stimulate Italy’s main growth areas

39 billions Development finance
We are the primary funder of Italy’s local authorities, creating effective and alternative investment instruments. Active in the modernisation and building of new infrastructure, we also work in international cooperation
54billions Enterprises
We participate in the entire life cycle of businesses, from the contribution of risk capital to rescue in the event of a crisis, and long-term investments in companies with a major impact on the national economy
63 billions International expansion
We are a one-stop shop for exports and international expansion. We intend to launch a new range of products and new pricing models for doing business abroad, with a dedicated distribution and sales model
4 billions Real estate
We contribute to the development of the Italian real-estate market by enhancing public real-estate assets and supporting social housing policies. We support the tourist sector, by boosting the value of accommodation facilities and supporting the redevelopment of the country’s real-estate assets