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We foster the development of the Country, using responsibly national savings in order to support growth and boost employment, leveraging on innovation, business competitiveness, infrastructure and local development

We finance

Italy’s infrastructure development, investment projects for public administration and international cooperation development; we support companies throughout their life cycle, promoting the internationalization process; and we promote the urban transformation of our cities following our corporate mission


We support

the economic system to make up for limitations of the market by applying investment logic that combines strong financial discipline, based on the economic sustainability of our initiatives, with the ability to promote projects that serve Italy well

We operate

with a long-term perspective and in a complementary manner to the financial system; the quality of our projects makes us an investment catalyzer, attracting Italian and international private investors in line with our Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment Principles

We carry out

our activities with an eye on ethics

and sustainability. For this reason, we continuously use our expertise to evaluate the economic, social, and environmental impacts of our actions


Industrial Plan


from Italy to Italy

Italian savings for a sustainable development of the Country