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Italy that invests in Italy

The Group’s new lending reached €33.7 billion in 2017, for a total of €58 billion activated investments

In 2017, as a Group, we mobilized and managed around €34 billion, an increase of about 20% with respect to the same period of 2016. Regarding mobilized resources: 47% was dedicated to “International Expansion”; 33% to“Enterprises”;19% to “Government & PA and Infrastructure” and about 1% to “Real Estate”.
Overall, through its operations, CDP Group channelled over €58 billion (*) into the economy.
New lending was allocated as follows:


15.9 billion

to International Expansion

€11.2 billion

to Enterprises

€6.3 billion

to Government & PA and Infrastructures

€0.3 billion

to Real Estate

We use these resources to promote:

  • Business initiatives designed to generate value for local communities throughout Italy
  • National and strategic infrastructures development
  • The growth and international expansion of Italian enterprises
  • Strategic transactions

  • (*) Including new lending by third parties
Available Resources
Available Resources
Our resources
Our resources

The total funding of CDP SpA updated to 2017 is €340.5 billion, of which €252.8 billion derives from postal funding

How we invest
How we invest

Our aim is to act in the general economic interest,
ensuring financial solidity, increasing
company value and shareholder remuneration