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Sustainability of our business

Our commitment to sustainability comes from the very nature of our business. In line with our role of Italian National Promotional Institution, we lay out a strategy and approach to sustainability in accordance with international standards and best practices.
For guidelines, we refer to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 17 sustainability objectives identified by the United Nations

This process will be created and managed by involving all areas of the organization, integrating the concept of sustainability into the business with the aim of creating a shared value between the Group and its stakeholders.

Transparency and dialogue with various stakeholders will then be the characteristic of our approach to sustainability, thanks to our role as aggregator and catalyst for new opportunities and skills.

The actions that will make our commitment concrete regard increased efficiency, cost reduction, additional business risk management, more structured relationships with clients, and a greater attention to the development of human resources, in line with the three areas "ESG" (Environmental, Social and Governance).


The first key step is the adaptation of our mission and core values, in which will be integrated these new cardinal principles of sustainability, in line with the new business approach defined by our Business Plan.

Our initiatives